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Well everyone, grab your ski masks and buy the new BMW 3 Series. Great for shopping, long trips, or robberies. Lease one today for just $699/month. You wouldn’t imagine what happens when cops chase this person through the streets to finally lose him. The choppers were on the suspect as they were dashing through the freeway at very high speeds. Many close calls and the mirrors eventually ended up breaking on both sides. The driver mainly utilized the shoulder to the right side during a highly congested time on the freeway to avoid colliding with any other vehicle. This enabled the driver to weave through traffic and lanes at very, very high speeds. At the speeds the driver was going, if there was anything in the drivers way it would have been a deadly collision.

The chase lasts approximately 17 minutes and started in the West Valley. The L.A.P.D chased the suspect along the 405 South, you couldn’t see any L.A.P.D police officers  from the helicopter due to the speeds the suspect was driving the vehicle. They suspect was alleged to have commited a robbery near by. It was unknown to the police offers how many suspects were in the vehicle at the time of the chase, if it was just the driver or if there was anyone with the driver. The most common car chases result in the suspects speeding and slowing down during various points of the traffic. This driver utilized the right shoulder like we have never seen before.

At the speeds the suspect was driving it would have been very difficult for the suspect to stop if anything was to come in front of the vehicle. The excessive speeds the suspect was driving and the consistency of the speed was probably the single factor that resulted in the driver eventually evading the police. Let’s not forget that this driver had above normal skills based on the driving we have seen in the video. From viewing the driver in the video you can tell that he either has put a lot of hours behind a wheel or he has played far too much GTA. Regardless of how he obtained his skills of driving, he has definitely proven to be one heck of a driver.


The suspect eventually slowed down and exited the freeway after many maneuvers and weaving in and out of traffic. But the suspect,  whether by luck or on purpose headed to the very single place  the L.A.P.D officers would have a difficult time finding them. They didn’t end up in a plaza or a strip mall, they ended up Westfield Culver City Shopping Mall, which is a big mall with a multi-level parking which the driver entered with no problem. Keep in mind that the driver was going so fast that there was no police cruisers behind him, or any that were able to keep up with him. For that reason, once the suspect entered the parking space, no one was there to arrest them. They were able to freely exist the vehicle and espace.